Advantages of PET Coated MDF

PET coating ensures high level of flatness, eliminates any orange peeling, is weather resistant and does not fade. PUR (Polyurethane) glue is used to adhere MDF under high temperature which makes the material tough so it does not crack or chip when cut. These panels are 100% PVC free and can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools.

What is the difference between PET surface & other surfaces?

  • - Does not chip when cut like paper base (craft paper) melamine surfaces.
  • - Is impact and scratch-resistant.
  • - Has high resistance to finger spots
  • - Has very high resistance against sun light, moisture and heat (up to 70 degree Celsius).
  • - Does not turn white when folded.
  • - Has a high clear reflection
  • - Minimum orange peeling look in comparison with lacquered melamine.
  • - Is easier to clean.