Vario PET Coated MDF Board

Vario is a european made premium high gloss PET coated MDF decorative board/panel which can be used for any indoor vertical application such as cabinet doors, wall panels, closet organization etc. The latest generation of ecological PET coating technology provides a superior appearance compared with laminates, acrylic, thermofoil or melamine boards - making it the preferred choice for discerning home owners, interior designers and architects. PET coating of MDF panels is a modern, non toxic, hygienic and durable layering process. Vario uniquely offers this PET coating technology in the decorative panel industry.

Vario PET coated high gloss MDF boards are the superior choice for creating stunning, modern interior spaces. Vario boards have a luxurious mirror like finish as compared to high pressure laminate, 2 pack paint, and PVC faced panels. Our PET coated MDF decorative boards offers millworkers, furniture makers and the interior design industry a high gloss solution that is both luxurious and affordable.

Vario decorative panel uses a high-quality, versatile medium-density fiberboard which is FSC®certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) and ECCTM certified (Eco-Certified Composite by the Composite Panel Association (CPA)). No formaldehyde resin is used during the manufacturing process. It's ultra low formaldehyde emissions meets E1 (Europe) standard and CARB Phase 2 standards.

Vario decorative panels uses world class, PUR (polyurethane) hot melt bonding system which delivers unsurpassed adhesion and a premium ripple free finish that is highly resistant to heat, moisture and environmental change overtime. PUR (Polyurethane) glue is used to adhere MDF under high temperature, which makes the material tough, so it does not crack, or chip when cut. PET coating ensures high level of flatness, eliminates any orange peeling, is weather resistant and does not fade.

Vario’s versatility in applications such as residential, commercial, corporate, and retail projects makes it the product of choice for designers, architects and homeowners. Our collection includes a selection of High Gloss Solid (single & double sided finish), Super Matt Plain colors (single & double sided), High Gloss Wood Grain Series and unique 3D & Hologram line.

What are Vario MDF Decorative panels made of?

Our unique board is made of MDF core coated with a PET layer. PET stands for "Polyethylene Terephthalate" and MDF for "Medium Density Fiberboard". PET creates a strong, impact and scratch-resistant layer on top of the MDF board. The PET surface is applied to MDF with high tech German technology under high heat and pressure with PUR glue. PET coating also acts as an excellent water and moisture barrier. PET is extensively used as  containers for packaging sodas, water, juices, salad dressings, cooking oil etc. PET's safety for food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and medical applications is recognized by health authorities around the world. PET is hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth or transmission. The PET coating gives Vario decorative boards a differentiating edge as it makes the boards more chip resistant while cutting, durable and low maintenance while giving it a luxurious finish.

Advantages of PET Coated MDF

PET coating ensures high level of flatness, eliminates any orange peeling, is weather resistant and does not fade. PUR (Polyurethane) glue is used to adhere MDF under high temperature which makes the material tough so it does not crack or chip when cut. These panels are 100% PVC free and can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools.

What is the difference between PET surface & other surfaces?

  • - Does not chip when cut like paper base (craft paper) melamine surfaces.
  • - Is impact and scratch-resistant.
  • - Has high resistance to finger spots
  • - Has very high resistance against sun light, moisture and heat (up to 70 degree Celsius).
  • - Does not turn white when folded.
  • - Has a high clear reflection
  • - Minimum orange peeling look in comparison with lacquered melamine.
  • - Is easier to clean.

Key Differentiators

  1. 1.   Unique Double Side High Gloss Option: Our competition offer a single side gloss and matte melamine on the reverse. Vario is a unique product line as it offers both single and double sided gloss options for varying applications. Double side gloss is preferred by the designers, cabinet makers and closet organizers.
  2. 2.   Highly resistance to finger spots – This feature makes Vario PET Coated MDF panel an ideal surface for any areas which sees a high usage and traffic.
  3. 3.   Color Variety and Matching Edge Tape option: Vario offers a wide and unique variety of colors and designs. We offer 16 different options consisting of solid colors, wood textures, patterns and 3D designs. Custom sizes and colors can be available. (please ask for more details from your Aura representative). Each color also has a matching 1 mm standard edge band.
  4. 4.   Size of the Boards: Vario PET coated MDF Board come in 4ft x 9ft size. The larger board size offers a higher yield per sq. ft. vs competition. Longer panels are desirable for wall application as the new standard for first floor ceiling height is 9ft. The larger size board also provides higher yield/panel and works well for larger projects. The market standard is 4ft x 8ft.
  5. 5.   Competitive Pricing: Vario boards are competitively priced while offering a superior finish product. Our edge banding tapes are also competitively priced and come in roll size of 394 LF and 492 LF giving a higher yield per roll.

Areas of Application

Vario High Gloss PET coated MDF boards are mostly used for millwork projects such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, vanitiy cabinets, office cabinets, murphy beds, custom closets, modern display units, furniture, store fixtures, exhibition displays as well as interior wall paneling. The PET coating makes it highly chip resistant while cutting and minimizes waste and rework in fabrication.

Vario MDF boards are also used as manufacturing custom doors to give your space a unique custom look.

Vario Wardrobe Panels:

Aura's Vario MDF wardrobe panels are easy to use and install, available in a wide range of premium high gloss , super matte & wood grain series that provide a mirror finish. Aura wardrobe panels are ideal for domestic and commercial use and will provide any project with a unique finish.

Vario Super Matte Series:

Aura’s exclusive super matte series is a stylish contrast to our ultra high gloss and delivers a superior ultra matte finish solution for modern cabinet and furnishing installations. The color saturation is so intense that it does not reflect any light and yet is has a smooth satin touch. Incredibly durable Aura Super Matte Series offers a high level of resistance to scratches, finger printing, staining and is highly fire retardant in nature too thus making it suitable for commercial and demanding residential applications. On trend with this season’s low gloss and subtle textures, Aura's Super Matte series understated finish is sure to compliment all interior styles.

Manufacturing Facility

Vario PET coated MDF boards are manufactured by Yildiz Entegre which has over 100 years experience in the field of forestry product. Yildiz Entegre has one of the largest MDF factory which produces MDF panels and many other building supply products in its large 500,000 sq. mt. facility. Over the years Yildiz has made continuous investments in infrastructure and machinery and now has a capability of manufacturing 11 million panels annually.

Health & Environment

Polyethylene is considered non-toxic, an inert and chemically neutral and recyclable material. Polyethylene has been extensively reviewed by regulatory authorities and determined to be non-hazardous by normal routes of exposure including skin contact, inhalation and ingestion. Polyethylene does not biodegrade readily in the environment unless it’s chemically modified (Source: "NOVA CHEMICALS"). PET is hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth or transmission. Our MDF boards are FSC certified and formaldehyde emission is at E1 (Europe) and Carb 2 standard.

User Guide

Vario MDF Board is supplied with a protective film that should not be removed until the project is complete. After removal of the film, the surface is ready for daily use. No additional polishing is necessary.

Best results for machining Vario PET coated MDF boards will be achieved by using a scoring blade and moderate feed rates.

Excessive curvature can be minimized by avoiding long narrow panels and by ensuring adequate hinging and fixing support is provided.


  • Adequate fixing should be provided at no greater than 500mm centers.
  • We recommend an air gap of 6mm adjacent to ovens and other heat sources.
  • Do NOT over tighten handles as it may cause an unsightly dip in the high gloss surface.
  • Ensure that the masking film is cut cleanly. No masking strands should be there as failure to correct the process would make the edge banding process more difficult and time consuming.

Hinge Recommendation:

  • Always test hinge boring tools to ensure a clean cut is achieved.
  • Reliable results will be achieved by drilling or boring through a thin MDF sacrificial block.

Maintenance Tips

PET surface does not require any high maintenance and is easy and quick to clean. For regular cleaning, wipe the surface with a damp microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are strongly suggested with non abrasive soap and warm water. Usage of PH neutral products is recommended for cleaning the surface. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners which contain bleach or ammonia.

Care, Handling & Cleaning

Vario PET coated MDF finished panels can be stored horizontally or vertically but should be well supported at all times.

  • - Leave protective film in place until the project is complete.
  • - Do NOT store panels outside.
  • - Do NOT store or transport panels in direct sunlight.
  • - Avoid sliding the panels on the outer face surface.


  • Use a microfiber cloth with non abrasive soap or detergent for cleaning .
  • Do NOT use brushes, scourers or scrapers at any time.