Key Differentiators

  1. 1.   Unique Double Side High Gloss Option: Our competition offer a single side gloss and matte melamine on the reverse. Vario is a unique product line as it offers both single and double sided gloss options for varying applications. Double side gloss is preferred by the designers, cabinet makers and closet organizers.
  2. 2.   Highly resistance to finger spots – This feature makes Vario PET Coated MDF panel an ideal surface for any areas which sees a high usage and traffic.
  3. 3.   Color Variety and Matching Edge Tape option: Vario offers a wide and unique variety of colors and designs. We offer 16 different options consisting of solid colors, wood textures, patterns and 3D designs. Custom sizes and colors can be available. (please ask for more details from your Aura representative). Each color also has a matching 1 mm standard edge band.
  4. 4.   Size of the Boards: Vario PET coated MDF Board come in 4ft x 9ft size. The larger board size offers a higher yield per sq. ft. vs competition. Longer panels are desirable for wall application as the new standard for first floor ceiling height is 9ft. The larger size board also provides higher yield/panel and works well for larger projects. The market standard is 4ft x 8ft.
  5. 5.   Competitive Pricing: Vario boards are competitively priced while offering a superior finish product. Our edge banding tapes are also competitively priced and come in roll size of 394 LF and 492 LF giving a higher yield per roll.